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Philosopher-Activist, Futurist, Mentor & Author


I am a philosopher-activist, futurist and entrepreneur. An Australian (albeit globe-trotting) citizen, educated in Europe and resident in Thailand, my biggest claim to fame is the fact that I have eight wonderful children from an earlier marriage, (along with 14 grandchildren - and counting...), as well as a mischievous inherited daughter and a beautiful eight-year-old son from my current partner Suna. As you can see from my photograph this has aged me prematurely - but at least the grey hairs add to the illusion that I am wiser than would normally be the case.

My work entails posing questions that nobody else is asking in order to provoke different responses to age-old problems and new crises. I do this, mostly in conjunction with others, by (a) re-framing issues, dilemmas and paradoxes, (b) bringing higher levels of collaborative consciousness to bear on these, and (c) designing alternative approaches to how reality is perceived so that novel possibilities can be imagined and enacted. One of my colleagues describes this process as 'deforming the familiar while making the unfamiliar commonplace'.

My playground is the future of strategy and the strategy of the future. My clients (governments, corporations, consultants, communities and their leaders) pay me to help them find strategies that work more effectively in a world that is changing exponentially. As a foresight practitioner I have examined topics ranging from the psychology of conflict to new technologies, travel, terrorism, taxation, health care, social networks, political systems, energy, governance, natural resource management and learning.

I am probably best known internationally for my ‘living systems’ approach to strategic design. I am a passionate advocate of real-time cybernetic and humanitarian models of governance. This has resulted in the design of new methodologies, (like Strategic Navigation and Deep Design, for example) all of which apply generative learning principles to the strategic leadership of large-scale organizations in dynamically complex environments.

I have written three books and am currently working on two more. The first of these, The Management Myth, was a best seller while the second, Burying the 20th Century, (a far better book in my humble opinion) was a flop! My third and most recent book, The Five Literacies of Global Leadership: was released by Jossey-Bass in June 2007. It is the result of ten years of research in which we have successfully recast the entire philosophy of effective leadership.

I hope you find both pleasure and pain reading the reflections and observations contained within these weblogs. Please feel free to comment on these, especially if you have a view that is significantly different to mine. Then we can all learn together.


Intentionally evolving a more benign, less exploitative, global worldview and praxis